Ailu – The Necromancer

Hello everyone, my name is Giulia and I am an Italian freelance makeup artist based in Bologna. I was always been very passionate about special make-up and from last year I have had the opportunity to work like trainee in some important Italian workshops for various projects.

One of my favorite hobbies is performing the characters created to improve my sfx make up skills during some themed events. Today for the contest I would like to propose to you one of these latest creatures.

This is my first sfx zombie-witch make up and the biggest self application that I ever tried. The design of the character takes inspiration from my personal idea of a young witch defaced and corrupted by her own obscure spells, until becoming herself one of those not dead creatures who she controlled before. The make-up is composed by 7 encapsulated silicone gel pieces. I sculpted the right eyebrow cover, the nose bone and a big face scar on a plaster core of my face and after that I placed them on a flat board. The two wounds and the gangrene, instead, were sculpted directly on a flat board by myself. All pieces were casted in 25 plasil gel. I’ve completed the self application coloring all with alcohol based colors, powders and some grease colors. To complete the look I wore the costume sewed and aged by myself and a wing that I styled before.

I really hope you appreciate and consider my application,

My best regards,


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