DécaDanse Avec Moi – Julie, La Poupée Dansante

Hello everyone, my name is Giulia and I am an Italian freelance makeup artist based in Bologna. I was always been very passionate about special make-up and from last year I have had the opportunity to work like trainee in some important Italian workshops for various projects.

One of my favorite hobbies is performing the characters created to improve my sfx make up skills during some themed events. Today for the contest I would like to propose to you one of these latest creatures.

My inspiration for this character takes place from an idea; the desire to describe the suffering of a creature who after having lost what she held dearest, finds in a soul mate the power to be reborn. The soft colors of the 30's circus are the background of our story. Julie was a french dancer and circus acrobat. She was known as La poupée dansante, because during her show she used to wear a beautiful doll mask that covered her face. Indeed the mask hid two face scars that caused to Julie so much shame. One day, while she was on the tightrope, she fell. The trauma was so grave that since then she hasn't been able to dance as before. The mask that protected her from naughty and indiscreet people’s eyes was broken on the right side, exposing that shameful macabre smile. Julie felt useless and the people around treated her like a broken toy that can be thrown away. In the end they kicked her out of the circus. Julie was ravaged, she had lost all her certainties. She wanted to end it all. Was the encounter with Jerome to safe her. He was a gruff tramp clown who can no longer make people laugh. Their same suffering has made them inseparable e from those day they support each other in their “DecaDance” life.

The mask of Julie is made in resin. I sculpted it on a plaster core of my face. After that, I made a mold with layers of silicone and plaster bandages. I painted everything with acrylic inks only with brushes. The scars are two encapsulated silicone gel pieces that I have sculpted on another plaster core of my face and placed on a flat board. I applied these pieces by myself and colored them with alcohol based colors. The costume is sewed and customized by myself as the dread locks. Jerome was created and performed by my workmate Maxx.

I really hope you appreciate and consider my application,

My best regards,


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