melting man

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1. welding like bone structure
2. wrap it up plastic bag
3. Fiber glass plastic & silicon

hi! i m from korea,  i major sculpture in university
when i was 9 years old i really want to be a special make up artist oneway
my dream is keep growing. when i was young, there was no chance to studying special make up 
so i decided self-taught make up and everything. now i m 24 years old. 
please give me any advice friends!!

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  • Great! Just like in Raiders of the lost ark!
  • This looks cool! If you want to film a guy melting, Cast a screaming face in wax over a plastic skull, then you film the wax being melted away with a hair dryer set on hot. Finally, when editing the footage, you speed it up in post! This is how the Nazi's face melting in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" was pulled off!
  • Looks good! You should make a mold of this for a mask
  • Great Work.
    If I was to add critique then add some semi dissolved organs like the eyes, ears, or tongue.
    Maybe even some bone structures like the cheekbones showing through.

    Eyes are a great way to get across to the  viewer the horror of melting. The despair of literally falling apart, and the helplessness of one's circumstances.

    As for advice - keep practicing. Keep finding different ways to solve a problem. Think outside of the norm like gelatin can be used instead of wax.. or a solvent on polyfoam.  I have seen a polystyrene head that was misted with petrol (just becareful of vapor) and the way it crumbled/dissolved apart was very unsettling.

    If you buy DVD etc - get them that show behind the scenes, and look on You tube for the same.

    And never ever loose faith in yourself of your ability to create. :)  Often we are our own worst enemies on that one.

    Take Care and Good Luck

  • keep up the good work!
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