Deku Tree interpretation, Blackbeard, Space alien

Hey 👋 
These are my own work I have done recently.
The first is my interpretation of a Deku Tree from the Zelda game.  I attached prosthetic nose and chin and worked with pros aide and tissue to create a bark like effect on the face. Then added body art using face paints and using the air brush.
I added crepe hair to add onto the eyebrows and moustache and onto the fingers as a moss line effect.
The hair piece I made using things from the garden then backcombed and airbrushed the hair green.

Deku Tree

My second is a remake of the character blackbeard.
I added crepe hair after mixing and shredding it apart to the face in sections to build up the beard and facial hair.. then added some aging makeup to the face.

The last is an alien inspired from the film Valerian.
I applied a bald cap, blended it to the skin..added prosthetic ears and blended with artex.. then added colour with the airbrush and eyeshadow.
Then added Adornments for extra effects.
I made the feather neck piece from bits laying around the house. Feathers, lace beads etc.


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