Multiple characters in post including Siren, Black Plague, Alien, Music Video-by Kristina Dabrowski

Thank you for taking the time to look at some of my work, and making the contest available to enter! I am a completely self taught SpFx Artist so this is a really big opportunity to learn more, and have professional training. All of these are untouched original photos of some of the projects/jobs I have worked on. I am completely self-taught, and make almost all of my pieces in my works. I sculpt, mold, cast, color, facial builds, prosthetic applications, airbrush, wig making/hair laying, and like to say I am a jack of all trades, master of none. 

My first character make-up is an original design taking inspiration from the tales of Mermaids and Sirens. She starts off as a beautiful monarch in the photos, watching her land, and luring unsuspected victims. Then turns into her real self chasing prey and then feasting on her victim. That is an entire face and body make-up. Airbrush, basic make-up, body paints, attaching jewels, and concept/design/make-up all done by me. Was hired by model. 

The next make-up/character has inspiration from the black plague. Make-up attachments/ prosthetics were all hand made by me, as well as application done by me free hand working out of my kit

My last character is an original alien make-up. I made and applied all prosthetics, I used multiple materials to build up face to achieve an alien look (foamed gelatin, etc.) as well as bald cap application, smoothing, and stuffing. Hand painted entire character as well as prosthetics/cap.

For a little treat, here is a link to a music video I did. I helped develop the concept, as well as did all of the make-up for the music video, beauty and SpFx. It was funny to find out on set, I was not allowed to get blood on anything on set, especially when I showed up with a gallon of it, LOL. Had a blast, and worked out of my kit to achieve the burn look. Complete build on face/arm/side of body. I hope you enjoy!

Alone by Midnight, Dead weight

Here is an example of a mask/prosthetic I made for a personal cosplay. My inspiration was from The Joker in the new 52 after he got his face ripped off and wired it back on. I sculpted the entire piece, molded it, and casted it using foam gelatin so you could make facial expressions while wearing it. I also changed the mouth from the inspiration because I wanted this to be a functional prosthetic. You could open and close the mouth, smoke, drink, do anything with it on. I hope you like it. I also hand painted it using multiple styles to achieve the final result. Sculpted prosthetic to look like face getting pulled back and I added wires to wrap around the ears and attach to the jaw/face.

Lastly, here is a Tommy Lee Jones 2-face inspired prosthetic I made. Sculpted, molded, casted using silicone so as long as the customer takes care of it, it will last forever! I painted it as well. In this photo I applied the custom prosthetic I made from scratch onto my client. She did not want her neck, arms, or body painted purple to match prosthetic. 

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