Bloody Clown Contest Entry 2022


I like to call him Bloody, a Clown that tried to prove that he was actually very committed to his job, as a drastic decision he traced his clown makeup with a knife to remove the top layer of his skin. He haunts down anyone who tries to make laugh of anyone into the circus life. He also loves the spotlight and being the center of attention

This makeup was actually inspired as a joke to my college classmates, they wanted to do a Circus Theme Character but I didn't wanted (with other classmates as well), so I told them that if they actually chose that theme I would do something bloody, and did it to prove them that I would actually do it. This is the second time I actually did the makeup, where I fixed a lot of mistakes made in the previous one. For this Version you can check on my Instagram: Afkaskus

Nice to meet you all(:
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