This is my version of Jason Voorhees I made for the movie, Voorhees, Night of the Beast, an indie film, not yet released.  The mask was made with a combination of latex and cold foam.  The body (back, chest, legs)
was made with latex molds mounted onto a zentai suit (generic).  The clothes were bought online (generic) and I shredded and painted them.  I sculpted and ran the mask and all latex overlays, made latex skin to lay over the arms and other areas that needed coverage.  Everything was airbrushed using Tim Gore's Bloodline and Lifeline airbrush paints (I LOVE these paints).  My airbrush did not clog even once.  This entire suit lasted throughout the entire movie through some very brutal fight scenes with a WWE pro wrestler.  They got crazy out there.  I've included a few scene shots, which aren't the best, but fun to see.  The outer mask is a generic, altered and painted using same paints with leather straps added to strengthen it and they looked better.  I did not make the gloves, machete or boots (also generic).  
Actor/model:  James Stokes
Main photo:  David Stowers, rest of photos taken on my phone.
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    I love this look...i am eagerly awaiting the release of this film...I actually and officially hold the teeth mold from Part 7 ( courtesy of Marcus medina/Brad hardin)...have been looking for either a mask to wear without teeth OR been thinking of possibly sculpting my own to incorporate the teeth as wearables...i am still in a little struggle on how to attach them securely as universal external denture prosthetics

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