Chavant Clay drying TOO fast

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Hello all,
I have been making the xenomorph sculpts from Simon Lee's videos using the same Chavant clay he recommends and I'm unable to proceed any further. It's incredibly difficult to sculpt with this clay. I have a few minutes working time after it comes out of the oven before it starts to immediately dry and crack as I am trying to sculpt the forms. It's advertised as a non drying modelling clay so I'm unsure what it is I'm doing wrong.
Just to note the grade is medium and I am working in a warm room next to a heater and yet it's still drying within minutes. I'm more familiar with WED clay and am wondering if it's best to use that instead. 
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  • Chavant clay should not be cracking.  It will harden as it cools, but I've never heard of it cracking before.  Is it labeled as Chavant NSP Medium?

  • Yeah it is. Do you think it's out of date maybe. It's brand new out the packaging which is bizarre
  • Possibly.  I'd try a new block from another source.  Monster Clay is another similar alternative you can try as well if you can't find good Chavant easily.

  • I agree with Chris..definitley go to Monster could also try softening the "cracking" Chavant with a heat gun and use a small brush to fill in the cracks with the soft/liquid Chevant

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