Sexy Zombie Pin-up photo shoot!

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I did these make up applications a few years ago. It was a really quick student project which I completed within a timeline of 3 days start to finish. That is including snap molds, sculpting, casting in foam latex, pre-paint, and application. It was a really fun quick project with terrific people. The theme was zombie pin up, but since the photographer was pressed for time and there was practically no budget, we went with newly infected instead of full on, rotting zombies. Also there was the pin up aspect of the shoot also, so she wanted beautiful, infected women.

I did two quick snap molds of the models, using alginate to mold and ultracal to cast them up. Unfortunately I lost the process photos on an old hard drive so all I have are the final photos. I sculpted the appliances in chavant medium and then proceeded to mold, clean out the clay and cast.

Here are the only photos I have from the shoot, but I hope you enjoy D

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