Cedar, Victim of the Forrest :Karly Stigliano

All it takes is one step into the Forrest for you to be consumed by its evil. Cedar a once well known singer, ventured into the Forrest where he was taken over by the living roots and vines. Then slowly he was consumed viciously by the mushrooms, worms and maggots along with other creatures of the Forrest. He is now one with nature, at his truest of forms, and lores in new victims with his lovely vocals.  Special Effects Makeup done by: Karly Stigliano
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    For this Project I did a life cast and sculpted a half facial prosthetic, and casted in foam latex. I made the bald cap with latex and tissue along with other filler pieces for the face. The forehead piece is an RBFX piece and the costume was made by me.
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