The Black Sea of trees by Scott Davies.

This design concept in its inception was two contrasting takes on the mythic spirits of the aokighara forest, Japan. One presenting as the demonic spirit inhabiting the rotten undergrowth, the stagnant pools and the silent walk ways. The other being a spirit lost to the darkness of this place, a rotting/decaying victim, alone. 

Both individual makeups were parts of my final dissertation piece for my BA hair and makeup degree. 

The first look consisted of an entirely constructed wig cage adorned with organic pieces, textures of earth and an intricate use of wefts/padding/wet textures. The makeup was a weathered ode to decaying statues, as if this spirit had inhabited this place for thousands of years. This used a mixture of small pro bondo pieces, cap plastic, dried salt and fullers earth. 

The second look being a decaying spirit was entirely made up of small pro bondo pieces in a variety of pigments, the use of wet textures to the flesh using cap plastic, KY jelly, out of kit silicone and mottled death tones. All pieces used were sculpted, moulded and ran by myself for this project. Finally using snow/ice effects to represent the cold harsh winters of the forest at the foot of Mount Fuji. 

This look was entirely designed, made and applied by myself (Scott Davies) at Buckinghamshire new university, 21. Modelled by Emily Bloch and Julia agapova. Photography by Bucks new university, Sidney Arthur Whittington and Scott Davies. 
Instagram: @Scottssfxmua
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