Special effects make-up hardships in 3rd world countries

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It is so hard and challenging for aspiring sfx artist that really show great talent and potential to create certain types of looks for the film industry.  This is especially in the 3rd world countries where artists like me have to relay on DIY's to achieve looks for films that are shown in cinemas after. Anyone else seeing this as a challenge 🤔 
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    One of the challenging aspects of special effects makeup is the difficulty to find or afford many of the tools and materials that are used by professionals today.  That said, some amazing work can be done by artists working with less expensive and more accessible materials.  The art of special effects makeup has its origin in the garage/basement of artists without a lot of resources, but a strong drive to create.  A great example is the early work of artists like Lon Chaney, Jack Pierce, or Dick Smith, who pioneered a lot of techniques that are either still used today or have evolved into new techniques that are still in use.  I suggest reading up on the history of special effects, learning about the early artists, and seeing how you can apply their ideas/spirit with materials that are accessible to you.  Just note that the early days of special effects makeup were full of questionable or unsafe techniques/materials, so learn from their mistakes too!

    You can do a lot just with wax, acrylic paints, and basic corner-store beauty makeup.  If you can find skin-safe latex, you can do great build-up applications with tissue paper or cotton, much like working with paper mache.  With a bit of research, you may even be able to make your own gelatin.

    I've seen folks make their own nose and scar wax using petroleum jelly mixed with flour or corn starch.  You can even add a little food coloring to adjust the color.

    The important thing when trying new things or making your own materials is to always think of safety.  Skin can be sensitive, and everything you put on has to come off at some point, so go slow and research as much as you can.

    Best of luck!

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