A Cenobite Demo

Every year at Spooky Empire here in Orlando, I am asked to do a live makeup demo workshop. This past October I chose a Cenobite from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser mythos.

For this character I created a full front torso foam latex prosthetic, a foam latex cowl for the exposed muscle/skull, and an overlapping foam latex “face” that looks as if it’s been tacked back on. Beneath the cowl she is wearing a vacuform skull cap with rare earth magnets that are holding her “crown” in place. The crown was carved in EVA foam and coated with Smooth-On’s Epsilon. It was finished with a gold leaf. The small pierced pieces along the back were Dragon Skin FX Pro encapsulated in Baldiez.

All molds were created with Smooth-On’s Epoxacoat gel coat and Epoxamite laminating resin with 1.5 oz chopped glass matte.

all of the pieces are pre-painted with PAX and Skin Illustrator colors. Everything was applied with Telesis 8 and final color achieved with Skin Illustrator and Bdellium stipple brushes. 

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