issues with aibrushing high gloss lacquer

 I wanted to apply hi gloss lacquer with airbrush but encountered a viscosity issue. Even with the lacquer reduced to its maximum my airbrushes didn't allow the product through uniformly ( it went all white and dusty) so i used my good old paint roller.
(the lacquer is a luthier varnish: both shellac/cellulosic based compatible with the turpentine on my last glaze)
Obviously  I need a special airbrush or  maybe airgun to apply this lacquer. 

 This is a patina developped for the back of tarot cards here:
I used my traditionnal painting brushes :spalter, patina brush,  badger brush,  and sea sponge
but also Airbrushes which I am totally new to: an aztek ( with a buch of air nozzles but not high than 0,7mm), and an iwata HP CR 0,5mm

if someone has tips to aibrush hi-gloss lacquer that would be much appreciated! 

If interested in details on this patina, my pleasure to explain more. 



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