CNC Foam Milling Costs

Hey Chris (or any other knowledgeable individual), could I get some information regarding the estimated costs of having 3d models milled out of foam and the different methods out there? Or do you know of a good resource that has a lot of different options and prices already compiled?
Anything from 5 axis milling down to 2.5 hotwire slice and stack style. I currently do everything by hand out of EPS/XPS (mostly creature heads). I'm sure the cost goes up significantly as the foam quality increases, but with larger budget projects, I would like to start exploring new processes. The more and varied information I can get on this, the more helpful it would be. 



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    Hi Justin,

    Your best bet may be to hunt down any companies local to you that provide this service and compare their prices.  Staying local helps keep the cost down since you don't have to pay for shipping large objects, and it's good to build relationships with local shops.

    I've never had to send anything out for 5 axis milling, so I have no clue what is normally charged there.

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