Urethane Rubber curing in Fiberglass

I have used urethane rubber before but only in a silicone mold... video on my channel here of that process...
Kong test molding #godzillavskong #bity #moldmaking - YouTube

What i am wondering is in my sculpting of a Velociraptor (videos of that also on my channel) and other future dino sculptings..I wanted to use urethane rubber as a "skin" to add more realism to the form instead of them just being pure foam..

Usually when i make taxidermy forms i just use fiberglass as a base shell and pour foam in and thats it...I am wondering if brushing a semi thic layer of urethane rubber into the fiberglass mold prior to pouring in the foam ( which will stick since they are both polyurethane products)...is there any danger of the urethane rubber "sticking" to the fiberglass and possibly tearing...

I usually wax my forms and use PVA prior to pouring foam...but does urethane rubber need any kind of release prior to being applied? I also thought to maybe gelcoat the form prior to fiberglassing..which i do for some silicone busts...

I may be asking a "mentally challenged" question but sometimes i tend to overthink things rather than try and fail...i like to try and succeed using sound professional advice :):)


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