wondering about a robot arm

Hey everyone! We have a character with a robotic arm in our low-budget film. Since CGI isn't really an option, we were wondering if anyone had any ideas of how to potentially approach this? Any ideas on leads would be greatly appreciated!


  • Hi Levi,

    Depending on your performance needs you could enclose your performer's arm, hand, and fingers with a plastic shell to give the robot arm look.  Keeping things low profile helps since you can only add to the arm's natural form and robotic arms are often not very bulky.  I'd look into making the shell using vacuum-formed pieces since those can be very thin.

    If you have shots (like closeups or specific gags) that depict something not possible with the human form, you could use a puppeteered arm.  Cable control would be a good option. 

  • Thanks so much! Will look into that for sure!
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