The Blob...custom commision work

Had a customer want to recreate 1988's The Blob in a jar....alot of artists have done a simple "coned" shape blob to cast in silicone and simply put in a jar...

But had to go way the F out into left field and create the B child between The Blob and the monster from Creepshow 2 episode The Raft..

Currently have the mold filled and am waiting overnight for a solid cure...fingers crossed a little purple Psycho paint ill work in touching it up a bit


  • end results prior to a little to paint this up and fit it in the jar...Can anyone recommend a good silicone paint sealer??
  • Looks good!  I'd just seal it with a nice glossy silicone to keep it shiny and wet looking.

  • is it trye/untrue that an adhesive promotor can be used on silicone for better paint to stick to it?

  • Nothing really sticks to silicone aside from silicone.  I don't know of any adhesion promoter that would help a non-silicone-based paint adhere.

    Though I have seen people airbrush a light layer of acrylic on silicone, then airbrush on a sealing layer of silicone to encapsulate it, and that works.

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