Foam Hand Puppet - But Make It Slimy?

I've been watching the Foam Puppets tutorials because I'm making a hand puppet of a blobfish.
Is there any way to finish the puppet to give it a slimy or wet appearance?
Thank you! :):blush:


  • Hi Rupine,

    There are a few ways to make the puppet appear wet, depending on your needs. 

    For rigid areas like eyes, teeth, etc. where flexing is not needed you can brush on a 2 part clear epoxy.  Just make sure whatever brand you get does not dry with a yellow tint to it.

    For areas that need to flex, you can use a flexible varnish.  I usually use Liquitex flexible acrylic gloss varnish.

    And if you need a lot of movement, or want to build up a lot of thickness to make something feel slimy, drippy, gloopy, etc. you can use a glossy clear silicone.


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