Tear away mask (double layer mask) advice

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Hi I got a great opportunity for myself and I have the basics on how to do it myself but I wanted to get professional input. What would be the best way to make this opportunity great and special?
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    It’s gonna be casted in latex.
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    I'd use the opportunity to learn as much as you can, and demonstrate your existing skills as best you can.

    Tear away masks often pair well with deep red pigmented Ultra Slime between the layers.  If you're not familiar with Ultra Slime I suggest looking it up.

    Without knowing the specifics it's difficult to provide any real advice beyond that.

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    Thanks for the feedback Chris! It’s gonna be a stage performance mask so the singer can have two different characters with an on-stage transition. We’re thinking of using magnets in a few places to attach the edges of the top layer to the base. Ultra Slime sounds like a cool addition we could offer to the customer, thanks!! We have a $300 budget to submit a prototype to hopefully be chosen for this project; what are some things that are essential, and what could be left out to fit into the budget without compromising our quality? 
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    The slime is usually used when the tear-away mask is made to reveal a torn-away face or skull.  Not sure if that would translate to stage.

    Magnets should work well for what you are after.   Just make sure they are all facing the right way! haha

    For a stage mask important factors would be visibility and breathability for safety, and a solid harness/strap for both comfort and to keep things in place (if it's a half-mask)  so the performer does not have to fidget with or worry about the mask while performing.

    Inside the mask you can think of things like fabric lining, foam padding, or moleskin for comfort and to make sure nothing rubs the performer.  

    All depends on the design style, size, and weight of the mask.

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    Thank you Chris means a lot again man!
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