Portfolio Feedback Requested

I'd greatly appreciate it if any professionals can offer constructive criticism on my portfolio / website
I'm a propmaker who's moving to LA and planning on applying for projects at shops.

I've always gotten work through word of mouth locally, not my portfolio, so I've never had a proper review / critique.

My Updated PDF Portfolio can be viewed here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qr6A-F4EttcWSBJkV3WvnWBKpghlrlVG/view?usp=sharing

And my website, which has not been updated yet but would love feedback before I do so can be found here  https://www.freddyschramm.com/  

Any feedback on layout, order of projects, what kind of work you'd like to see more of, etc is greatly appreciated.


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    It all looked good till the "misc sculpture" page honestly i would remove that one and leave the rest
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