Creation of puppets, about latex and hands

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I would like to ask if i should put baby powder on the latex body of the puppet to keep it better? But I am also thinking of painting it in the future.
Is there also a way to make the clown's hands look scarier? I think I made his hands a little too small.
I thought about stick nails on fingers (with small wires) but I don't know if it will hold.

My story is almost ready: it will be inspired by the course of the chiodo brothers, "Killer clowns from outer space" and "Hansel and Gretel". The heads are prototypes, i will change them.

Do you know also if there is a european shop where i can buy some lipsync stickers?


I will continue to put latex on the two teenagers and finish the storyboard. 


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    Baby powder is usually a good idea on latex as it removes the tack so it does not stick to its self.  You can also rinse it off later to remove the excess which should let you paint on the surface without issue.   That said, there's less to worry about if you paint it first.

    To make the hands more menacing you could elongate the fingers or add long nails/claws as you suggested, as long as they fit your character.  Sometimes simply making the fingers longer is enough.  Just don't make them too long or it look comical or distracting.

    I'm not sure where you could find those stickers in Europe, but you could find some images online (or design your own) then have them printed locally or get sticker paper for your own printer if you have one.

    Your characters are off to a good start!

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    Thank you very much Chris,
    my storyboard is already complete, i will also post it here in the next few days.
    And after, i will begin some little tests animations and the set.

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