Error code 102630

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Hello, new here and was jumping into the makeup effects pathways on my computer, when I encountered the error code 102630 right as I was hitting the "age makeup-light to moderate aging" course by Barney Burman. I paid for the yearly subscription so I was under the impression it unlocked everything? I tried skipping the course with the same error code popping up. But I'm able to forego the pathway and explore other courses separately, just not those specific to the path I'd intended. Did I overload your system in finger too much too soon?

*edit it seems to have cleared up when I logged out, logged back in. And clicked directly on the course rather than relying for it to autopsy. 


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    Hi Julia,

    Sorry to hear that you ran into issues playing that course, we're happy to look into this.  You mentioned in your edit that it's working now that you are directly clicking the course, but is the error still happening in other scenarios?  Hopefully, it was just a one-time hiccup and it's all good now, but if you still see any errors please let us know!


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    /Chris so far seems to have cleared up. Thank you so much
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