Johnson furniture wax still good as a release for ultracal?

Hi folks,

In his video on making ultracal molds, Gary Yee said that Johnson Furniture Wax (paste wax) is a good release. Multiple Amazon reviews say the stuff has changed formulation recently? Anyone know if its still good? If you recommend some alternative, what is a vendor?


P.S. Very jazzed to be here...I'm kind of tired of wading through well-meaning but often poorly informed youtube videos!


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    Hi Barry,

    I've not heard much about the formula change on Johnson's Paste Wax.  I know there's been a shortage of it in some areas.  Unless they did something drastic to the formula it should work just fine.

    Whenever a product changes or I try a new project, I like to do a small test first to make sure everything works as expected, but without the risk of damaging one of my main projects.  If you're concerned about the new formula you could make a small test mold and see how the wax performs on it.

    Does anyone have any experience with the new Johnson's Paste Wax formula, or have any info about it?


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    Hey Chris, 

    Thanks. Yeah, I'll do that. I've got some on order.

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