Learning with ADHD??

I was diagnosed with ADHD at 40, its been two years of me learning about my ADHD, and how its effected me. Explains why I failed Grade 9 twice, dropped out, and never thought about school again. prevented me from focusing on my goals and I never understood whey till now. I never knew how to keep focused on anything and am finally learning why, and how to build the tools and routines to help me succeed. I imagine I'm not alone here.  what are your struggles with staying focused? what tools help you the best for keeping focused on your courses?


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    I was in a similar boat - I got diagnosed at 26 after spending all of my previous years wondering "what was wrong with me". As a result, I changed careers (became a Graphic Designer) and set out to start my own art business. I always keep task lists and I use scheduling software (Asana) to help - I know that sounds scary, but I found that I function much better if I have lists and schedules that take the load off of my mind in terms of memory. I also accept that I'm going to forget things and make mistakes - that's really huge when it comes to getting stuff done! Hope that helps!
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    Organizational tools like Jordan mentioned are a huge help for me as well.  I write lots of lists and notes in Evernote, which I can access from any of my devices, and it has been a huge help for over a decade.  I track personal and work projects using Trello.  I still need to get better about calendar management though.  Having deadlines is also super important, especially when juggling a lot of things at once.

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    lists and schedules have been key for me, I have resisted them my whole life, but now know I cant reach goals with out them. bullet journals have been a really helpful way for me to organize my mind into a physical space I can see. 
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    Hi, I was super happy for the free week when I sign in, the week passed and I never use it becouse I started cleaning a special room for creation, I was súper sad, I started my first month and now is almost finished and now the deadline is making me rush to make the courses, but they are so many couses that make me feel in heaven as an artist but overwhelmd  as a person with aDHD, in the end I love this fantastic school, sorry for the grammar I speak spanish and my text tingy is changing my words aaaaaaaaaaahhhh
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    I was diagnosed with ADD (no hyperactivity) when I was in 9th grade...I am now 44. I have had times in my life when I have struggled and other times when my diagnosis has actually been a help. My suggestion is to know your limits and your strengths. My son was also diagnosed and at first he was saddened by the diagnosis. I joke a bit and call it a "superpower" - he knows now what will draw his attention away and can avoid those things. He also knows one of the rarely-talked about conditions of those of us with ADD/ADHD can be a big help, namely hyper-focus.
    Everyone is different, of course, but I work best under pressure when something is on the line. In times like these, my problem-solving skills go into overdrive and as long as there is forward-progress, I find that I stay on task and my brain taps into something "extra" - it's like a mental "problem solving bin" that others can't get to in their own head! I am blessed to work with others who understand how I function and how I am organized, and they respect that. They know the difference between "disorganized" (when items are lost or damaged due to organizational negligence) and "differently-organized" (When items are categorized and kept in a non-conventional manner, but safe and accounted for when needed), and many are happy to help with mundane, repetitive tasks that will quickly degrade my focus.
    I think that this industry/hobby lends itself well to those of us with this ability. Know your limits and focus on your strengths. Farm out your weaknesses, and never be ashamed of how you operate (so long as it isn't hurting anyone else).

    Medication also helps. Talk to a specialist/doctor and don't be ashamed. This isn't a new discovery with experimental meds out there. Before I was diagnosed I was failing school, I am now working on my doctorate. You can do this. Remember, you aren't like everyone else, so don't expect what works for non-ADHD people to work the same for you. Think outside the box - heck, throw away the box!

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