Where have all the Poof Balls gone??!!

David DeMattiaDavid DeMattia Saint Croix Falls, WI. ✭✭✭
Hello all,
I am restarting a project that needs Poof Balls that were locally available a few years ago. Now, if can get them, they are more then double the price. Does anyone have a supplier for 7" poof balls? 




  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    I check them out on Amazon every so often as students reach out trying to find them.  They do seem to be harder to find every year.  It's also possible they are impacted by some of the shipping issues in the US recently.  The 7" one seem to be $15-16 on amazon (pre-shipping)

    I usually search for '7" unsealed foam ball' or '7" foam ball" and look for any that mention being unsealed.

    If you scour dollar/discount stores you may luck out and find them sometimes, just have to always be on the hunt.

    Anyone having any luck finding them anywhere?

  • David DeMattiaDavid DeMattia Saint Croix Falls, WI. ✭✭✭
    Maybe all the poof balls are in a container on the bottom of the Pacific!
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