How to clean PAX paint/latex paint from an airbrush?

The name of the question says it all lol - does anyone know how to clean PAX/latex based paints from an airbrush, to help prevent them from clogging during use?


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    The first tip is to never let the paint in the airbrush dry prior to cleaning.  I normally just clean my brush with 99% isopropyl alcohol between colors or if I'm going to let the brush sit for a bit.  For that, I just have a gooseneck squirt bottle of 99% isopropyl alcohol and I run a bit through the brush into an airbrush cleaning pot that has a nice filter on it, so you don't get fumes.  I also make sure I'm in a well-ventilated space and wear a respirator when needed. 

    Then after I'm done for the day I use the 99% isopropyl and a pipe cleaner to gently clean out the internals, and then I take the airbrush apart and put it in a heated ultrasonic cleaner with a little airbrush cleaning fluid.

    There are some airbrush cleaners out there marketed specifically for use with PAX paint.  I know MEL Products has one.  While I have not tried their cleaner, MEL Products makes good stuff.

    I also like to use my external mix Paasche H rather than an internal mix airbrush when I know I'm going to be spraying things that might be harder to clean.  It's a single-action airbrush, but for general purpose stuff, it's great.  I have multiple airbrushes that cost 10x as much and have way more features, but the trusty Paasche H is so easy to clean that I use it 90% of the time.

    Does anyone else have airbrush cleaning tips for PAX?

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