resin molds for latex masks..anyone here do this?

I have heard recently from some different artists of making rein molds for latex masks...i am usually one to do Ultracal/stone molds for mine..but i had a failure this morning where my mold was a little too thin on the fron and cracked into multiple pieces...thankfully i can either do a UC "weld" possibly and repair it OR just remold it..but then someone suggested making a platic resin mold for it...I have never done this and am not sure how well the latex would even cure in such a mold..

Anyone else tried this?


  • Latex can set up in a resin/epoxy, but it will take longer.  Stone molds work best since their porous nature helps wick away moisture and allows a skin to form along the detailed surface.  For a non-porous mold, the latex will just have to dry all the way through from a single side, and thickness built up in multiple thin layers.   So rather than filling the entire mold and letting the latex dwell and form that skin, you would brush/sponge on a then layer (watching out for pooling) and let it dry fully.  It can be a bit more labor-intensive.

    I usually stick to hydrocal for latex, or ultracal if it's all I have.

    Does anyone else have tips for running latex in resin/epoxy molds? 

  • Yeah i think i will stick to stone molds as well..someone just mentioned they run their latex masks in a polyurethane resin mold...i was wondering how the moisture would wick away since it is indeed a non porous material.

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