Vengeance 2 "interprative" sculpting

Dunno how many of you guys are Friday the 13th fans...but i sculpted a latex version of the fan film VENGEANCE ( free on Youtube)...original mask was made by CFX...Now i am undertaking a follow interpretive piece of Vengeance 2...not able to work from production photos like the first time... I could use some critiques if is an interprative transition between Part 6...Vengeance ( 30 years later) and Part 7...i threw a little Part 4 in with a couple of the teeth because none of the films following it seemed to capture jason's grotesque smile...This is just day 1,,still ahve a LONG way to go!

This is just day 1.


  • Nice! I love the back teeth poking through the side, gives it great depth.

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    Chris what might be your thoughts on the front teeth? I am debating on using acryic teeth in the mask itself for added realism

  • They look good.  Though it does look like one of the top teeth is upside down (photo right, character's left) but it could just be the angle in the photo.  I'd try and keep the gums from going too far down between the teeth as well, and make the area in between them deeper to add depth back in.

    Is your goal for the finished version to be a latex mask?  And if so, do you want to cast the teeth in latex as part of the mask or remove them prior to casting and glue them onto the final masks?

  • Yes the end results is to be a latex mask..however i do have the habiot of making silicone sleeve castings of these should i mess up in the mold process...that way i can clay pour the sculpting right back as it was and not have to worry about restarting all over again

    I do have the idea of trying to use real acrylic teeth for the latex mask to add some realism..haven't really figured that part out yet...might try removing them and putting them in later...have never done it before...the thing it "recasting" if i make a mold of the teeth i want to use and make them in resin and do i give them that "polished" look?
  • The cost of producing your own teeth may outweigh the benefits of just purchasing acrylic denture teeth online.   You can often find large lots of them on eBay pretty cheap.  Sometimes used sets will only have a couple of teeth missing that were needed by the original owner, but you can mix and match sets to make what you need.

    Otherwise, you could cast up your own in dental acrylic and polish them using a polishing wheel and polishing compounds.


  • Finally i think i get to call it FINISHED!
  • Congrats, it looks great!

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