The Seamstress

Hoping I'm not late, but here goes anyway. 
My original slasher character, The Seamstress. All hand sewn and fabricated myself. The arm socks and leggings were hand sewn and dyed with finger/toenails attached. The faces are molded leather. Scissors and other blade were molded and casted in resin. The measuring tape is also leather (and measured best I could to make it accurate lol)
The neck piece, though you can barely see it here, was layers of latex over fabric. 
The mask has upholstery fabric, muslin, leather, and goat fur, with real pins and needles attached. (Tipped with painted latex to keep others safe and make it look a bit bloody up close. The mouth pins don't have it anymore and tends to stab me sometimes lol)

The necklace is made up of a real human patella and molars. 

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