End of the Class Forum

Hey guys/gals Just wanted to follow up with a quick post, first love you Guys! you are awesome but we must end this class specific forum and I would like to know which posts you would like to move to the Alumni forum, which you still have complete access to, and will forever.



  • I would want to see- Questions for Ted, tools of the Trade, our initial introduction where we posted our work prior to the class and our first and very last week. I think I may cut and paste everything here as a backup for my own records - when are you planning on taking it down?
  • Actually just looked at them all and I would say just the week by week threads (1-4) and the ask Ted. The others are useful to but it is info I can write down. It is good for the rest of the forum to see our progression. The hangout would be nice to but it has our personal emails in it.
  • I'll just move the hangout link to the Alumni Forums. I Should start moving them by the end of the week you will still be able to view them just not post anymore material to them. They will be completely gone by the next Ted class i assume. Though Don't quote me on that.
  • If you could keep the emails and such but only make them viewable to us, that would be good. Other than that, I'm with Tom.
  • When is the next Ted class? Lol kidding
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