Doom Eternal Revenant

This is a costume I made for my 8 year old daughter. She thought that it would be cool to be one of the demons from the game Doom Eternal and even though it took me a bit over a year to make she was a real trooper who waited patiently for it to be finished just in time for Halloween.  I sculpted the mask out of Monster Clay, molded it with hydro cal, and cast it with white mask latex.  I painted the mask using rubber cement paint.  The teeth in the mask I shaped using thermoplastic beads, painted/stained them with acrylic paint. Everything was sealed with "Perma Wet".  All mask making materials were purchased from Monstermakers.com 

The armor is made entirely out of EVA foam with air-dry foam clay used for the skull reliefs, the spikes, and the skulls on the canons.  All armor pieces were primed with Plastidip, three layers, and airbrushed using Plaid FX flexible acrylics.  I ran EL wire for the lights through certain parts like the canons, the jets in the back and the front.  However, the EL wire is not super bright and the LED foam is 8mm thick so the lights only show up in low light.  

For the body suit I just bought a plain white skin suit and painted it using an airbrush and acrylic airbrush paints.  I painted some intestines and some skeletal anatomy in the stomach and hip areas and for the rest of the limbs I simply tried to do some line work and give them shadow while leaving some highlights.  As the paint was absorbed and dried it lost some of the vibrant look it had when it was first done.  The braces that run down the arms and legs are also EVA foam and are glued straight on to the fabric of the skin suit.

The Revenant in the game is bare-footed and so I just bought some cheap rubber rain boots, added some foam pieces and spikes and painted them.  Originally I wanted to make some Revenant-style footwear from scratch but unfortunately fell short on time so I had to work with what I had.

Thanks for taking the time to look through the photos. Sorry for posting so many. Big shoutout to SWSCA, and their teachers for all of the courses that really helped me out during this project.  As well as all of the amazing pro cosplayers out there making tutorials for inexperienced Joes like me.  You all helped me out so much.  Thank you!


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