Mars Attacks, The Martian Ambassador

My costume is based on the character from the1996 film directed by Tim Burton, Mars Attacks!  I first sculpted the head and face with plastilina, molded it with ultra cal, and cast it in foam latex. I added a casting latex shell to the brain. This was only my second time working with foam latex. I painted it with an airbrush using an acrylic & latex mix. 

The eyes needed to be removable so I could drive. I used store bought ping pong balls, cut holes in them, covered the holes with circles I cut out of an old pair of sunglasses, and then painted. I added magnets in the eyes and in the appliance eye socket so they would stay in place. 
The green body suit was store bought and I painted the ridges/stripes on it. The cloak I made from fabric, foam, and wire I bought at a craft store. 
Lastly, I made a purse (since I had no pockets to hold my phone or ID) out of a chihuahua stuffed animal (head removed), styrofoam craft head, and wig. I had a lot of fun making this costume! Thanks for looking🎃
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