The Working Dead - The first mask that I ever created

I know this has no real chance of winning.  I just wanted to the share my first mask.  I created it after watching the Learn to make an articulated mask on a budget class on the Stan Winston site by Patrick Magee.

It took me awhile to compile all of the materials and tools,  I ended up making my own easel, as I could not find quite what I needed.  I am super happy with the results!  This is the first iteration of what I am sure will be many different masks that I will make using this technique.  I really enjoyed the class and plan to take more very soon!

This mask was inspired by my time spent working in middle management as a salaried employee in the hotel industry.  That job really sucked the life out of me.  I felt like I wasn't even alive.  I felt like... The Working Dead

Here is a link to a video short of the mask in action: 

Here is a video of the fit test after applying flesh effects and paint:

Here are some pictures of the finished mask as well as some progress shots at various stages:

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