Super Buu by Bio Cosplay

This character is Super Buu from Dragon Ball Z.

The head was patterned using aluminum foil and duct tape. The patterns were then transferred to 4mm eva foam. This was assembled using contact cement and more details were added with foam clay.
The gauntlets, belt, and ankle pieces were also made using this method. All those pieces were then coated in flexbond and painted with Angelus leather paint using an airbrush.
Buckram was glued in with hotglue for the eyes before painting on the red eyes.

The Muscle suit was made by carving and gluing upholstery foam to a spandex shirt with foam fast 74. The base structure of the hands was a pair of thick leather gloves which also had upholstery foam glued to it. These were then covered in spandex. eva foam nails were added to the hands. It was then coated in creature cast rubber sprayed through a critter gun. Then painted with angelus leather paints using an airbrush.

For the shoes I made a pointed structure with eva foam to slip over the toe a pair of sneakers. Then a stretch faux suede sock was sewn to slip over that.

The pants are harem pants I purchased since they were cheaper than the fabric would have been.

Here is a short video of me putting on the costume -

I also have 11 videos which document the the whole process of creating the costume -

Some are more of a vlog format, but some lean more towards a tutorial such as this on on how I made the muscle suit -

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