Venom is my favorite Marvel character and I just loved the idea of making him as realistic as possible. 

He’s made from 90% black glue, latex and acrylic paint.
The beginning stage he started as a messy ball of foam that I carved away and then started to build upon. 
I also recycled an old jacket, placed hot black glue all over it to make it appear as if Venom was on me and apart of me, living through and around me clothes like a parasite. 
I had fun with the jacket and added some teeth in the sleeve where the hand would go. Venom likes his teeth! And I also customized the pocket by adding some teeth around it as well (a really safe pocket!)- I wasjust having a little extra fun there with the clothing! 
For his neck I took an older T-shirt, sewed a long arm sleeve out of it, because it was just a cheap cotton shirt, it was soft and more flexible. Then I painted it with black acrylic, and layered threads of black glue all over it to make it appear as if Venoms black goo was moving and alive. As I moved, the bits were flexible and moved with my arm. It was a little stiff... but, effective. So I could wear the long sleeve to form his neck, and place his head on my hand. The part forming his neck was sewn to the back of the sleeve of my jacket. The jacket sleeve still remained, to appear as an arm. I stuffed the jacket sleeve and placed it in the jacket pocket when I didn’t show off it’s teeth. 
My arm was inside what formed his neck as you can see in the photos. And I could control his head movement like that. 
I had so much fun with this project! Let me know what you think! :)


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