Robot Geisha

I was inspired by Weta Workshops Robot Geisha from the movie Ghost In The Shell. I always wanted to make her! Totally hand made from plastic, foam, and bits of anything that was useful and effective for the end result! 

All the facial parts can open and close and are fitted with tiny 1mmx1mm magnets that rim the outer lining of the face at specific points where they can connect and hold together when I’m wearing it. 

I did try to automate her, and she has some support inside that allows for cables to connect to the outer face shell so it can be pulled shut. However getting it to open automatically again was challenging and required another whole plan.

It was like a puzzle for each step of the way, but it was really fun!

 I used many tools to melt, cut, carve and glue things together! I hope you like it, and I hope it does a little justice to Weta Workshops incredible artwork!! 

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