Ahsoka Tano

Hi, this is my Halloween costume for this year - Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, season 7! I decided myself for Ahsoka because she is my life-mentor and idol and I really love her new outfit although I personalized it a little bit ;) 

Everything you see I have made myself. I sewed most of the costume. I took two whole weeks of my summer break and worked only on my costume^^ It was very fun and relaxing. 

I also did my make up by myself and for person who doesn't use make up on a daily basis, I think I did a very good job! Little trick: I used tissues and paper glue to cover my eyebrows ;) 

I have also made my lightsabers! I used some wires, water tubes, spray, light switches and plastic folders to made them. They can also glow in the dark :) 

Here are some photos from the beginning of the process. I used mostly cotton fabrics. I wanted this costume to be long lasting and wash machine washable. And I achieved my goal! 

I hope you liked it and that I gave you some ideas for the next year ;) 

May the Force be with you! 


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    Great! Looking  good. I think you should have to carry Ahsoka Tano white lightsaber along with this costume. Then you'll be look perfect and complete.
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