Samantha, the deadite thing.

The inspiration for this look came from The evil dead and The thing, the idea that a candarian demon possesed a host for the thing, and non of them are happy to share a body.

  • The face is a foam rubber piece, we took a lifecast, made a positive, sculpted, molded and casted.
  • The head piece is a mix of materials, fabricated with EVA foam and covered in silicone sealer, also painted with a mix of silicone and benzine. And haired with sintethic hair.
  • The chest piece was also sculpted by me and my partner. Casted in slip latex.
  • The demonic hand was a glove we had laying around to which we added nails, nurnies and blood.
  • The teeth were made out of molding foamy.
  • The left arm is fake and a detail we added a necronomicon book, also fabricated.

For the final application we used prosaide for gluing, pax paint, liquid alcohol makeups, and of course blood.

We hope you find it scary and fun!

Credits for the build:

Kevin Flores.
Enrique Estrada.
Ana Garduño.



We kept the Covid protocols at all time but we couldnt resist to take this pic.

Enrique doing some final touches to the head piece.

Kevin painting some shadows.

The super rought design by Kevin.

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