Silent hill nurse

I made this in like 5 hours. Because I didnt know if I was going to dress up till last min. I had been wanting to do this with my bf for some time now because he made his pyramid head some years back. We are both big fans of horror and horror video games. I used liquid latex and toilet paper for the mask. And some cloth for the bandage strips. I used a 12 dress from shein and used tea and coffee to stain the outfit. I used different techniques to achieve the desired look. I wanted to get that burnt tary look. And that's basically all I used. I definitely need to go back and fix a few things. I'd like the mask to hug my face a bit more. And maybe the dress a bit more form fitting. But I feel like I did pretty well with the amount of time I had. This is true couple goals for me and my bf. I love having someone I can do things like this with. He just gets me. He made his pyramid head outfit. He did a really good job. Thank you for looking ❤
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