Spirit of Samhain

Disclaimer: Hopefully this one will count, the eyes were edited in photoshop. I was going to wear fx contacts but I decided against them last minute as I wanted to be able to see while getting pictures.

I applied a facial prosthetic which was sculpted by me and cast in gelatin, and based everything on black before going over it with white to help blend everything together. Went back over with black on the nose mouth and around the eyes.
Horns were bought and then painted in candy corn colors, the crown was made from actual briar vine from right outside me house. I shaped it all on a head form to get the right look, and stabbed myself numerous times doing it. I then painted that as well and added a little bit of creepy cloth to the back like a veil.
popped in some of my favorite teeth and black mouth blood and voila. 
(This monster was inspired by artwork by a friend on Instagram @burnzig )

you can find me and more of my work on Instagram @kataklyzma
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