Bruxa from Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Hi I'm @TirameowsuCosplay on Instagram.
Teeth and claws prosthetics are fully handmade and molded with friendly plastic, foam, glues and paint/dyes. Weathered and ripped up a small dress, primal contact lenses, wig, lots of cream bodypaint/makeup applied with my hands (I don't own an airbrush machine or fancy brushes).

ZERO photoshop, all photos are straight out of the camera, they were taken by my partner, @Alexicutioner on Instagram.

In terms of this character, I am Orianna the Bruxa monster from the Witcher 3 game, Blood and Wine DLC. You can see her appearance as a monster in the "Night to Remember" teaser trailer for Blood and Wine.

I hope you enjoy!! I freezed my butt off doing this photoshoot in the wet mushy leaves by the lake in 11° Celsius!! 😆
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