"Outsider" original character

Hey! I'd like to share a project I made for my sfx school diploma! This is Outsider, a murderous yet highly developed entity from a different galaxy. 
I used many techniques in this project. I made a head and teeth cast on my model. Had to sculpt fake teeth, a front mask and a caul. This was my first time making fake teeth and a sillicone prostethic mask. The caul was made out of urethane resin and it acts like a helmet but it registers as a part of the organic mask.
The armor is just to highlight the sfx make up here and tie the character all togheter. It is made out of eva foam with RGB led lights programmed via an arduino pro trinket so the lights has a "breathing" animation.
The big black claws are actually made out of plastic "teeth" for decorating pumpkins.
I had a lot of fun making this project, I had to design it, plan everything and then finally make it!

Project by me (TentacleCreations) on instagram and fb
Photos by SandyGraphycos on instagram
Model - Glorfxedian on instagram

Project for this diploma was made for International College Dziewulscy

and here a quick video of the creepy teeth: 


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