The Mosquitoman

Hi everybody, we are new at Stan Winston and so glad to find this inspiring community! Here is our contribution for the Halloween-contest:

This mosquito was designed and manufactured for some years ago and was the first “monster” I ever did. We got now a new idea at our studio Pisto.no that instead of blood-props it would be more Anthony-Hopkins-type thrilling if we combined a traditional gents suite with a little red handkerchief and the 80`s stripy shoes with the mosquito. Is it a giant mosquito that has attacked a gentleman or is he The Mosquitoman, quietly wondering around – looking for prey?

Material-wise it was a very innovative process, as I that time didn´t know about special materials available: spot the used mesh-stocking on the mosquitos sucking tube and the 2 kitchen colanders on the eyes. There is some mirror Perspex under the colanders to create depth in the look, building foam insulation tube around the eyes and the terminated camping sleeping pad as the main construction. All this is attached on a demolished bicycle helmet. The material on the surface is actually the only thing I had to buy from a local shop. Most parts are patinated with acrylic colors. 

The model is Sean Morrissey and the photographer Tiina Suhonen

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