Ghost Pirate- Captain Renshaw Dark-Skull

Death Skull Latex Mask from Zagone Studios but I added alot of make up and paint to give it a darker look and to bring out the fine lines in the latex...the Brocade coat I had made...the skeleton Hands again from Zagone Studios...the boots are pieced together...the pirate shirt was bought as well as the pants the pirate sword is real and the the flintlock guns are replicas the neckless is skull gold...the rings on the pinky's are jeweled crossed in red and black...the hat was actually brown repainted it black and added the feather and ploom and small dagger the bandana and dread lock are all one piece...addedthe pirate flag for effect with it's own skeleton attached...the contact are from Samhain black make up around the eyes and all over the mouth...A very good Ghost Pirate in my opinion...his name is Captain Renshaw Dark- Skull 
In Ghost form Sailing the Sea's Video
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