Space Samurai: Original Design

I went into this project with little experience with three dimentional design. My model here (the Tater) didn't make it easy, but his ideas helped shape the final results. The design is an original concept that I created as I continued to work on it. It's comprised completely of recycled cardboard, hot glue, and velcro. 

Helmet: The child wanted a dragon-like feel. I went through a couple iterations before landing on this design. The faceplate lifts and is connected to the feather on top. The hinges were crafted from layers of interlocking cardboard bearings

Chest plate: Features a sliding stomach plate, to allow more natural articulation, with pouches for later weapon attachments. The breastplate has two latches that separate, allowing it to be lifted over the head. The left side of the torso has velcro, as well, for easy removal and fitting adjustment.

Shoulders/Forearms/Thighs/Calves: Each feature an adjustable attachment to accommodate his inevitable growth spurts.

Shield: It is quite functional to a certain degree. It is stuffed with corrugated layers of cardboard (corrugated corrugated cardboard lol). The top of the shield features two rows of three claws. Rotating the protruding pins on either and extends/retracts them. There are two cardboard straps. One for the forearm, and one to grip. Daddy tested. Very sturdy. Very durable.

Axe: Pummel is two solid cores of cardboard attached at the center with layers of compressed cardboard, inspiring the junk metal design. The axe head was designed and crafted by my wife. It is hollow with poly-fil pillow stuffing for structure.

Painting: A combination of myself, my wife, and the Tater. It is a product of patience, love, and paint fights. 🎨 😈

Overall, between my work life and weekends, this took about a month to complete. It was an extremely fun journey of trial and error. I've always had a passion to create, and this was the spark I needed to keep exploring new ways to implement the wasted cardboard I accumulated into fun works of art.
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