Experiment#247 and Gummy

Hello everyone, 
I initially debuted this costume for Monsterpalooza in 2019 and upgraded it since then.
I wanted to push what a small 3d printer could do and learn all the techniques involved in making a latex mask: casting, painting, hair punching, and now eyes were still new to me.

some 3d Wip, sculpted in zbrush and split the model to many parts in order to be printed at full scale on the form2

Puzzle Time!

I also printed my own rollers based on the tools I used in zbrush. 

so I could fix and fill some parts that got broken in the process, and later on that I will be able to use on the Monsterclay cast

wanted to make a Monsterclay cast in order to make the final plaster mold and not destroy my 3d print master.

So: rebound sleeve, and thin plaster mother mold.
Slushing a generous amount of Monsterclay and voila, a Monsterclay copy I can rework and finally cast.

Up to the latex casting and start painting

And hair prunching using yak hair 

At this point I was using four seal studio eye for the one on the side and I was missing a cowl.

So here goes upgrade number one.
A quick cowl sculpted in clay and quickly cast in latex too.

And for the last part: learning how to make eyes and replace the fourth seal one, no problem with their eyes but I like to do everything myself if possible.

So I followed the course here on eye making, replicating the mold style used in the video.
sculpted and 3d printed the eyes ( I wanted the white part to be bumpy and catch some spec highlights like real eyes do)

"I spared no expense"!

Thanks for looking if you stayed that long. 

Stay spooky!



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