Salticere - Experiment 18

Experiment 18 is a proposed 3rd person action role playing video game set in the near future: the year 2075.  I am developing the game in conjunction with a writer, Blaise Jones.  We are creating a rich and engaging universe filled with various alien species and technologies.

Having evolved on a planet with extremely dense vegetation this species developed several jointed appendages to both maneuver and hunt in the lush forests of their world.  Each of these appendages has both an eye and a rudimentary brain, giving them some amount of autonomy and allowing a Salticereite to focus on multiple tasks at once.  The more limbs a Salticereite has dedicated to something, the more interesting/difficult it is.  When something really catches their attention, a Salticereite will focus all its limbs, and thus eyes, towards it.

They are able to adapt this trait to technology and this allows them to have a great understanding mechanisms and other species’ technology. They appear to be able to repurpose any technology very easily for their own need.


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