The bean-nighe, Scottish for washerwoman or laundress, is a female spirit regarded as an omen of death and a messenger from the netherworld. She is a type of Banshee/Bansith that haunts desolate streams and washes the clothing of those about to die.

Her characteristics vary depending on the locality, and differing traditions ascribe to her the powers of imparting knowledge or the granting of wishes if she is approached with caution.

It was also believed that this fate could be avoided if all the clothing left by the deceased woman had been washed. Otherwise, she would have to finish this task after death.

I made the mask and hands myself with liquid latex and cotton. Teeth are made using thermo plastic. Everything was painted using alcohol paints and acrylics. I put the costume together myself and weathered everything as well. 

Camera work credits to my fiancé 

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