Werewolf 2021


Werewolf 2021...the foot paws I added to an old pair of shoes.. the torso was bought I added the fur around the torso and the blood makeup...the claws I had from another project I was doing but extended the claws with acrylic claws to make them more intense...the Silicone head piece is Curtesy of Immortal Masks and  added more make up to see the fine lines in the face and darkened out the sockets around the eyes...contact were from SamHain ..made this costume as far as the shirt and the pants...added a Brocade black vest  with chain extenders ...I Recently Revised the chest piece, added fur and repainted lightly over the fur to darken and gave an overall blackish Paint to look like parts of the chest looked burned and added more blood coloring to the exposed ribs and certain skin areas

Werewolf Howl video at https://youtu.be/HXxc7YzL2gs
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